Membership Conditions

Owners and professionals of the firms with legal capacitty who accept to act accordingly by adopting goals and principles of the association, have the conditions stipulated by the Regulations and carry out official commercial activities are entitled to become a member to this association. However, the foreign nationals can only become members, if they have residence permit to live in Turkey.

The membership application to the association management is decided by the board of directors of the association by accepting or rejecting it and the result is notified to the applicant in written. The applicant whose application is accepted is registered in the ledger to be kept for these purposes.

The permanent members of the association are the owners and professionals of firms which are accepted by the board of directors of the association for membership.

The firm owners or shareholders must fill in their personal details and firm information in the online preliminary application form and provide 2 MÜSİAD members as their reference to apply for a membership. No preliminary membership application without any reference can be completed.

After, preliminary application, an appointment is made with firm owners and shareholders and it is requested from them to fill in the application form by visiting their firms at their registered address. Passport Photo, Identity Card, Criminal Record, Tax Registration Certificate and the Activity Certificate are requested along with the application form.

The board decision is requested from the professionals of firms for becoming a member to the association in addition to the documentation requested from them.