The Independent Industrialists and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD); is a “Businessmen's Association” founded in 9th May 1990 in Istanbul by businessmen set off with the dream of a Turkey, where rights and law, justice and equality, peace and safety, prosperity and happiness are provided, local and universal widely-esteemed values made history are observed, effective and strong in its own structure, region, in economical and political fields and respected by the whole world.

It is a strong "Non-Governmental Organization" with the status of public benefit society which has become an exemplary education and consultancy center for other parts of the society as well as the business world, establishes the basis of professional thought for its practices and activities and shares its intellectual background.

The mission of MÜSİAD as a businessmen's association which acts nationally and internationally independent and nonaligned is to increase the number of its members sharing the previously determined principles and values, improve solidarity between its members and provide contribution in material and nonmaterial development of our country through this spirit of unity and solidarity established within it.