Why I Should Become a Member?

MÜSİAD is a “BUSINESSMEN'S ASSOCIATION” founded in 5th May 1990 in Istanbul by sensitive businessmen set off with the dream of a TURKEY, where rights and law, justice and equality, peace and safety, prosperity and happiness are provided, local and universal widely-esteemed values made history are observed, effective and strong in its own structure, region, in economical and political fields and respected by the whole world.

The Association is a "DEVELOPMENT - COOPERATION AND COALITION PLATORM" established for providing contribution for people and institutions, our country and the society in social and cultural, political and economical, scientific and technological developments in our region and the world.

It is a strong "Non-Governmental Organization" which has been representing 60.000 domestic and foreign establishments with more than 11.000 members since 1990, providing employment to approximately 1.600.000 people, having 87 domestic contact offices, serving 224 locations in total in 94 different countries and communicating the problems, ideas and recommendations of its members to public institutions and organizations on time.


The right to subscribe and unsubscribe;

Every individual can apply to become a member of MÜSİAD and request to leave the association after fulfilling all his/her responsibilities (such as, subscription fee and etc.) .


The right to be assigned in committees;

Everyone who becomes a member to MÜSİAD by passing the application phase can request to be assigned in committees.


Right to elect and be elected;

All members working in committees can request to be shown as a candidate for related committees or departments of them.


Right to participate in activities;

All members are entitled to participate in all events and organizations held by MÜSİAD.


Right to get information and support;

All members can request to get the information and support needed by civil society from MÜSİAD.


Right to benefit from physical opportunities of the association;

All members are entitled to benefit from all physical opportunities of MÜSİAD.




The place and platform for businessmen to meet;

MÜSİAD which is always in action and implements several important organizations within this context also allows you to expand your commercial network.




The association allows you to be with people who have the same feelings and thoughts.


Together with the people in the same world view

Being together with the people aware of the cause, ethics and civilization.


Customer potential;

The association makes it easier for you to find new customers. Every member is a customer potential for another one.


Becoming a member of one of the prominent NGOs of Turkey;

Getting under the roof and becoming a member of MÜSİAD, the New Power of Turkey.


Becoming a part of a trademark association;

MÜSİAD is an international trademark.



Recognition and prestige;

All MÜSİAD member firms are prestigious in their sector and become recognized.


Creating and developing social sphere;

As well as providing the opportunity  to establish a commercial network, MÜSİAD also helps you to create a social sphere through opportunities it presents.


Developing commercial relations, establishing business connections and partnerships;

All members of MÜSİAD act through the "Medina Marketplace" ideology.


Opportunity to find new domestic and foreign markets and products;

MÜSİAD, as an international brand, organizes foreign visits and allows its members to benefit from these visits.


Personal career;

You can take assignments in other institutions and organization for representing the association.


Being a part of the recognized and respected committees of the country;

MÜSİAD, meaning of non-governmental organization in the literature, always establishes committees related with the agenda of the world and the country and establishes high level contact.


Expo participation;

The largest sectoral mixed expo of Turkey is organized biennially by MÜSİAD.


Visa facility for commercial visits to abroad;

MÜSİAD makes good-will agreements with all consulates and provides visa and business facilities for its members.


Benefiting from joint purchase discounts;

MÜSİAD makes joint purchases agreements with the prominent institutions, organizations and firms of the country and provides the opportunity for its members to get huge discounts.


Bilateral business meetings with foreign committees;

MÜSİAD organizes the best B2B events of Turkey.


Bureaucratic speed;

MÜSİAD directly gets into contact with bureaucracy through the reports it prepares and the events it organizes and directly submits the problems of its members to related institutions and organizations.


Chance of direct communication with the council;

Thanks to its Ankara Office and the MÜSİAD Representative assigned in this office, MÜSİAD directly contacts the council and directly communicates the problems of its members to concerned people and then follows them.


Membership Conditions

Owners and professionals of the firms with legal capacity who accept to act accordingly by adopting goals and principles of the association, have the conditions stipulated by the Regulations and carry out official commercial activities are entitled to become a member to this association. However, the foreign nationals can only become members, if they have residence permit to live in Turkey.

The membership application to the association management is decided by the board of directors of the association by accepting or rejecting it and the result is notified to the applicant in written. The applicant whose application is accepted is registered in the ledger to be kept for these purposes.

The permanent members of the association are the owners and professionals of firms which are accepted by the board of directors of the association for membership.

The firm owners or shareholders must fill in their personal details and firm information in the online preliminary application form and provide 2 MÜSİAD members as their reference to apply for a membership. No preliminary membership application without any reference can be completed.

After, preliminary application, an appointment is made with firm owners and shareholders and it is requested from them to fill in the application form by visiting their firms at their registered address. Passport Photo, Identity Card, Criminal Record, Tax Registration Certificate and the Activity Certificate are requested along with the application form.

The board decision is requested from the professionals of firms for becoming a member to the association in addition to the documentation requested from them.